Hearing, seeing, believing!

Psychoacoustics refers to the observation of the effect of sound on the brain from the perspective of the listener. In simpler words, this means the way in which we interpret the sounds that we hear. There are certain sounds that our receptors love, and some that they hate. For example, high pitch squeaking sounds which in fact are just vibrations, our brain interprets them negatively. Well it works on the flip side too with other sounds, and our ears love them because they create a positive reaction.


Because of this phenomenon, audio designers and sound engineers can use this during the production of audio tracks and sound effects for film and music to manipulate their sounds to create a positive reaction and enhance our experiences.


Imagine watching a concert or seeing an explosive action sequence in silence. The emotional experience is completely transformed once the appropriate sound is perceived and processed by the brain. This phenomenon goes hand in hand with a visual display too. Let’s say you were watching a sad or romantic film, the music played in the background will tend to be softer, a quieter volume and of a lower frequency. This is to, as the saying goes, ‘pull on your heart strings’ and enhance any kind of emotional reaction or thoughtful reflection you were having by watching the visuals. Similarly, more dramatic films like horrors, thrillers or actions you may find visuals with higher volumes, lower pitches and a faster frequency. This would be to enhance any kind of suspense you were already feeling from the movie.


Have you ever wondered why the experience of the cinema or a live concert feels so much more emotive, or magical than when you watch on your own TV at home? Psychoacoustics is the answer as surround sound audio helps you to completely engage and spike all of your emotions that come as you watch the visuals. Without a bespoke home cinema with a projector and high quality speakers, it can be difficult to recreate this same feeling from the comfort of your own home. Lots of factors go into creating that cinematic experience including the size of visual display in proportion to the audio track, hence the use of projection systems with large screens in combination with powerful and accurate speaker systems to faithfully reproduce the height of emotions and audible pleasure that the artists and production team intended.


At Zebra Home Cinema, our aim is to completely transform and enhance your music, TV and film at-home experiences forever. We collaborate with the most impeccable and prestigious audio brands to ensure you have the best cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. Chose Steinway Lyngdorf with their RoomPerfect™ technology which measures your rooms dynamics and distributes the sound evenly meaning there isn’t a bad seat in your house. Kick back and enjoy the magical cinema experience from your living room every single day whilst knowing your home contains the highest quality audio technology in Birmingham, the Midlands and the world!


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