Home Cinema UK:
The Revival of The ‘80s

Entering a new decade kept indoors has led us to relive the excitement of times gone by. The iconic years of pop-culture in which Stranger Things, Dirty Dancing, Footloose and E.T came to life on our screens, still to this day, the 1980s is widely regarded as the golden decade of film with people all over the world remaining avid fans.  

Spanning both blockbuster movies and TV drama series, many have stood the test of time, proving to be timeless classics as the decades that have rolled by since. From thrillers and comedies to action flicks and romcoms, which in turn, hugely influenced the film industry in the 90s and 00s. We are now seeing a vibrant revival of such classics. Examples of this can be seen with many recent releases, this included Cobra Kai which reintroduces the stars of the iconic Karate Kid movie and The Mandalorian which can now be enjoyed on Disney Plus – each episode celebrates classic themes and characters from the original and classic Star Wars Trilogy.

Until teleportation comes to life, the closest we can get to time travel is by fully immersive home cinema visual and audio experiences. This is great news for 80’s aficionados as the movie makers have recently re-released some of the most captivating films of the era that have been adapted to the modern technology of today. With multi-sensory experiences available in the comfort and convenience of our own homes, many are jumping at the opportunity to combine their film favourites with the incredible the technology available on the market, meaning it has never been a better time to relive the drama, style and excitement of the ‘80s. 

These contemporarily adapted golden oldies now come with 4K ultra-HD with HDR enhancements, supported by audio tracks remixed in Dolby Atmos audio that can also be transmitted from high quality, in-built speakers, certifying that these movies have never looked or sounded better. With this, there are also many other thrilling 80’s movies that you can dive into on Ultra-HD Blu-ray. A couple of examples include The Goonies, Back To The Future Trilogy and Beverly Hills Cop.

At Zebra Home Cinema, we’re here to help bring these experiences to life, so everyone can relive the ’80s. Our team of highly knowledgeable experts provide a range of bespoke services to ensure each person we work with can enjoy the latest audio-visual media in the best possible way. Holistically tailored around your space and taking into account personal requests, our services cover the overall design and full installation of a private and fully functioning home cinema to media rooms, music systems to smart home automation, security and lighting design.

Atif Ghaffar, Director of Zebra Home Cinema adds that ‘the incredible technological developments we see today means we can enable our customers to be transported back to another time and place like never before. I am passionate about inspiring people through film and audio, particularly this year introducing my family to these pioneering pop-culture movies of the ‘80s like never before.’ 

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