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“When I’m making a film, I’m the audience.”

Martin Scorsese

The magic of film and movies

There’s nothing quite like the magic of film and movies. Whilst we admire our favourite screen stars, we often forget how much time and money is spent on production and editing. The expertise of the visual effects editing and sound production engineers is paramount to making modern blockbusters from the big studios.

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At Zebra Home Cinema, we offer a range of audio systems to integrate with your home furnishings and décor without any compromise in performance. Our systems are designed to perform without the need for little if any acoustic treatment to your listening entertainment and living spaces.

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Unprecedented levels of excellence

For our serious home cinema enthusiasts and film buffs, we offer systems with unprecedented levels of excellence. These systems are designed to play loudly and accurately to fully represent what the directors and production team intended.

Surpass your expectations

Our promise as always, is to surpass your expectations within your budget and provide many years of audio-visual delight.

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