“If you talk to any director, they’ll say music is fifty percent of the movie.”

Hans Zimmer

Are you serious about finding better sound?

Most Hi-Fi music systems have two obvious shortcomings – they can’t reproduce the deepest notes in your music and those that do will be inaccurate because of your room’s acoustics.

Every Sound

Loudspeakers that can play all the sounds in your music are very big and very expensive. With a studio quality subwoofer, our systems play all the lowest sounds in your recordings and allow the use of compact and more affordable loudspeakers. Approached as a complete system, our systems deliver more powerful, natural sound at a fraction of the cost of traditional audio systems.

Removing Room Distortion

Your listening room will dramatically change the sound of your speakers, just like the sound of your voice in different rooms of the house. These errors mean that some sounds will be heard far louder than others. RoomPerfect™ is a technology protected by one of the largest patents in the history of audio. By measuring the acoustics of your room, RoomPerfect will dramatically remove the errors created by the acoustics of your room. The result is measurable accurate sound and full-range sound coming from compact loudspeakers.


Experience Measurably Better Sound

We recommend music systems deliver full-range, accurate sound in your home. The difference between these and any comparably priced systems is immediately obvious to hear, even to the untrained listener. Both systems use studio quality loudspeakers that can be placed in room, on wall or in wall for a discrete system that delivers the very best performance available at the price. A wide range of systems are available including the world’s best surround sound and home cinema systems.

Surpass your expectations

Our promise as always, is to surpass your expectations within your budget and provide many years of audio-visual delight.

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