TV & Gaming

“I think that’s a great strength of games. You get this atmosphere and sense of immersion that you can’t get from anything else.”

Dan Houser

Completely Revolutionised

The digital age has completely revolutionised the way we engage with TV. We can enjoy high-definition live broadcasts as well as a myriad of streaming content. Studios such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon provide original content to showcase the highest standards of production that just keep getting better.

How amazing your TV viewing experience can be

Whether it’s your favourite BBC drama, live performance shows, reality TV, sporting events, online gaming or even YouTube, our systems will demonstrate just how amazing your TV viewing experience can be.

Enjoy your games at their very best

Gaming technology continues to evolve year upon year. Now we are seeing games with spectacular 4K resolution in amazing colour and brightness, thanks to HDR. The most significant upgrade is in the audio department with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X encoded content, allowing for a fully immersive experience..

Home Cinema & Media
Room Packages

At Zebra Home Cinema, we offer a range of audio systems to integrate with your home furnishings and décor without any compromise in performance. Our systems are designed to perform without the need for little if any acoustic treatment to your listening entertainment and living spaces.

Unprecedented levels of excellence

For our serious home cinema enthusiasts and film buffs, we offer systems with unprecedented levels of excellence. These systems are designed to play loudly and accurately to fully represent what the directors and production team intended.

Surpass your expectations

Our promise as always, is to surpass your expectations within your budget and provide many years of audio-visual delight.

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