Our New Partnership with Habitech

Welcome to the future of home entertainment! Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech have joined forces to redefine your cinematic experience. Dive into this post to discover how this collaboration enhances your audio-visual journey, and why it’s a game-changer for movie enthusiasts.

This collaboration unveils Habitech’s concerted efforts to heighten your sensory experiences, amplifying each encounter with a harmonious blend of innovation. Our partnership is a testament to a commitment aimed at delivering a personalised entertainment journey that encompasses tailor-made setups and the seamless fusion of audio and visuals.

Habitech – Who They Are

Habitech is a leading value-added distributor of specialised products and services to custom installation and industry. Covering their advanced AV, lighting, control and high-speed network design for residential and commercial integration, their award-winning product range and training work hand in hand with the industry’s most dedicated support. Habitech is the UK’s sole distributor for M&K Sound and its sound system products. This collaboration creates a comprehensive home cinema setup, redefining luxury cinema space. So what can the collaboration between Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech mean for you?

Enhanced Audio Experience

Within this collaboration, we craft moments that elevate your experience, whilst finely orchestrating sound that enhances the core of this audio-visual masterpiece.

M&K Sound’s MKS-D95, for example, is a new discreet and consciously designed loudspeaker. The MKS-D95 is optimised for placement on walls, on stands, inside bookshelves or flanking flat panel TVs. This speaker delivers an incredibly accurate volume intensity and transparent music and film sound reproduction, which defies its size!

Each step of this partnership has been thoughtfully curated to sweep you into an enthralling sensory adventure. The dynamic synergy of Habitech and Zebra Home Cinema engineers an enchanting fusion of audio and visual sensations. Whispers, explosions, and melodies seamlessly converge, creating a harmonious symphony.

M&K Sound’s MPS2520P studio monitor is another speaker in a left or right configuration. This product features a total of 5 loudspeaker units providing impressive sound impact in an ultra-compact format. The MPS2520P is powered by its dual channel power amplifiers that drive the bass midrange and high-frequency sections with great precision and full control of signal dynamics.

Yet, this venture extends beyond the realm of sound. It’s about the emotions these sounds evoke. Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech share a mission to redefine your home entertainment experience by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Modern installations and new surround formats such as Dolby Atmos™ and DTS X are incorporating more and more surround channels. In-wall and in-ceiling installations allow you to expand to take full advantage of these new formats without the clutter of visible wires or speakers.

Cutting Edge Technology

The partnership between Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech transcends the boundaries of mere entertainment, weaving an immersive tapestry of emotions. Envision yourself enveloped in the symphony of raindrops, transported to the very heart of the scene. Possibilities of high-quality cinema allude to every viewer, using the two standards, DCI 4K and 4K UHD, delivering an immersive experience

Fueling this collaboration, Habitech’s distinguished legacy in audio innovation infuses depth into our partnership. Each sound is meticulously crafted to evoke emotions that resonate like never before. Their mastery unveils the subtle sighs of characters, the rustle of leaves, or the distant rumble of thunder, all with astonishing clarity. As this finely tuned audio symphony intertwines with the breathtaking visuals of Zebra Home Cinema, a multisensory experience emerges – as if you’ve stepped into the very essence of your content.

However, it’s not confined to technical prowess; it’s the enchantment of being immersed in the narrative. With Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech, the cutting-edge 4k displays extend beyond their frame, offering a spectrum of emotions in ultra-wide screenings. They don’t just deliver audio; they craft moments and memories that linger, even after the curtain falls.

Seamless Integration

The excellence of this partnership doesn’t halt at the initial setup; personalization lies at its core. Having the ability to finely adjust your audio preferences to suit your mood empowers you to tailor the audio precisely to your taste. It’s not just about watching a movie; it’s about assuming the role of a director, creating an impeccable sensory ambience. The décor friendly on-wall design gives the customers the flexibility for an easy and simple installation where performance and aesthetics are the core elements.

Together, they offer an experience where setup and customization are not only hassle-free but enjoyable aspects of your entertainment journey. The future of home cinema is all about granting you command over your audio-visual encounter.

Zebra Home Cinema x Habitech

If you’re interested in exploring the world of exceptional entertainment brought to you by the partnership of Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech, we have a surprise for you. We’ve prepared an information-packed brochure that delves into the finer details of this collaboration. Discover insights, innovations, and inspirations behind Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech’s partnership. Download the PDF for technical intricacies and heartwarming stories.

Download our brochure that details everything about this service and partnership.

Join Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech for an immersive entertainment experience. Stunning visuals and captivating audio create emotional and unforgettable memories. This collaboration between Zebra Home Cinema and Habitech brings innovation and imagination to your cinematic haven. Their sound design and streamlined setup create unforgettable moments for your entertainment ventures.

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Our visitors often feel exhilarated and inspired to recreate the same moments in their own spaces. We invite you to experience your favourite music tracks and film clips in a new and exciting way.

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Visit our demo room

Our visitors often feel exhilarated and inspired to recreate the same moments in their own spaces. We invite you to experience your favourite music tracks and film clips in a new and exciting way.

Work within the industry and up for your own Q&A?

We would love to have a chat with you.