Home Cinema Loft Conversion

The homeowners appointed a specialist loft conversion firm to create two spaces – a home office/library and a home cinema. They preferred to keep the space open plan with the central dividing area to be used to prepare refreshments.

The family all enjoyed streaming all types of content from sports, TV dramas and movies. During our initial discussions, it became apparent that watching TV content and Hollywood movies in the correct frame was important to the clients. For this reason, we recommended a motorised, auto-masking screen to display both 16:9 and cinemascope content in the best way.

We used Miller & Kreisel in-wall speakers in a Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 configuration, placing the rear centre channels in the ceiling to the rear of the seating position. A pair of compact M&K V10 10-inch subwoofers provided sufficient power to be felt and heard and the listening position.

The void spaces in the loft were used to hide the audiovisual rack and the client chose motorised Velux blackout blinds for use during daylight. We installed a Control4 EA3 processor and Neeo remote for smart control of the audiovisual system, air conditioning and lighting moods.

Interior design was kept minimalistic with a bright ambience during the day, however we suggested that the screen wall be painted in the same shade as the library cabinets to enhance the perceived image during projector display.


Kit List

  • Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 system comprising of Miller & Kreisel speakers
  • IW950 Fronts
  • IW85 surrounds, in-ceiling rear centres and atmos
  • V10 compact 10 inch subs
  • Denon X3700H AVR
  • Video Projection, Sources & Control
  • Epson EH-TW9400 pro UHD projector
  • Screen Research 2-way Auto-masking screen
  • Control4 EA3 with Neeo Remote
  • SkyQ
  • Apple 4K TV
  • Xbox One X


AV & control system: £24,300

Installation: £1,920

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