Snooker Lounge Media Room Conversion

Snooker Lounge Media Room Conversion

Shortly after the homeowners had moved in, they wanted to convert one the lounges which was previously used as a snooker room. The brief was to provide a multimedia entertainment space where the family could enjoy TV, music, gaming and movies. The AV system had to be “superb” as the main client was passionate about audio and picture quality. He wanted to watch TV boxsets and enjoy gaming on a large TV but also wanted to watch movies the big screen.

For this purpose, we specified a 77-inch OLED TV display as well as a 3m wide motorised screen with projector. The screen was 2.35:1 aspect ratio as specified by the client as most of the films the family enjoyed were shown in this format. The screen material was woven (acoustically transparent) so that it would drop in front of the speakers without causing any audio compromise.

The audio system was a 9.2.4 configuration to allow the very latest immersive audio formats to their full potential. We used a combination of in-wall and on-wall speakers from Miller & Kreisel, based on their top-of-the-line S300 series in combination with their incredibly powerful, X12 subwoofers.

We chose a Lyngdorf MP-60 processor for 12 channel processing and using the power of RoomPerfect digital room correction and combined this with 7 Lyngdorf SDA2400 digital power amps, delivering 400 watts per channel.

As the client wanted a 4K projector display, we specified a JVC D-ILA N7 native 4K projector and combined this with a Lumagen Pro 4K video scaler – this allowed professional grade video processing, HDR and colour reproduction as well as the ability to convert 16:9 format images to 2.35:1 and fill the motorised screen to the client’s satisfaction.

We finished things off with Q-Motion blackout blinds and integrated all aspects of lighting and AV control using a Control4 EA3 processor with Neeo remote.

“The result is just extraordinary…. I’ve heard systems costing at least 3 times as much that don’t compare to this!”

Kit List

  • Sony JD77AG9 OLED 77-inch TV
  • JVC D-ILA N7 native 4K projector
  • SeymourAV 120-inch 2.35:1, motorised, acoustically transparent screen
  • Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 Video Processor
  • Sky Q
  • Apple 4K TV
  • Xbox One X
  • Lyngdorf MP-60 Surround Processor
  • 7x Lyngdorf SDA2400 power amps
  • 3x M&K IW300 in-wall front speakers
  • 4x M&K S300T on-wall tripole surround speakers
  • 2x M&K MP950 on-wall front wide speakers
  • 4x M&K IW150 in-ceiling speakers
  • 2x M&K X12 dual 12-inch subwoofers
  • 4x Q-Motion Blinds
  • Control4 EA3 Processor with Neeo Remote


AV system, blinds & control system: £90,000

Refurb, installation & decoration: £15,000