Triple Garage Conversion
Home Cinema, Games Room & Bar

Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Oasis

Project Overview

Our client had a vision – to turn their underutilised triple garage into a luxurious entertainment space that combined the charm of a home cinema, the thrill of a games room, and the sophistication of a bar area. At the core of this transformation was a desire to elevate their home into a haven for relaxation and social gatherings. Our team was excited to bring this dream to life.

Space Transformation

The existing garage space was thoughtfully divided into several functional areas to meet our client’s desires:

Cinema: The heart of this transformation, our cinema design featured a two-tiered, fully motorised seating arrangement, comfortably accommodating up to 8 guests. A floor-to-ceiling screen dominated one wall, ensuring a cinematic experience like no other. Behind this acoustically transparent screen lay discreetly hidden front speakers and a pair of formidable 15-inch subwoofers. Surround sound was perfected through a selection of Miller & Kreisel speakers tucked behind acoustically transparent fabric panels, with dynamic colour-changing LED strips to set the mood. The Dolby Atmos configuration was completed with two pairs of in-ceiling speakers, all harmoniously integrated with a mesmerising Starscape fibre optic star ceiling.

Bar Area: The bar space was designed for both functionality and aesthetics, providing a stylish setting for mixing drinks and socialising. Its ambiance was enhanced by integrated lighting and audio systems, seamlessly controlled through Control4.

Games Room: To complete the entertainment trifecta, we set up an area with ample space for a snooker table, offering endless hours of competitive enjoyment.

Plant Room: Essential for housing the intricate electronic systems that powered the cinema and overall entertainment experience, the plant room was designed for efficient cooling and maintenance.

WC: For added convenience, a well-appointed restroom was incorporated into the design.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Audiovisual Excellence: The choice of Miller & Kreisel speakers and an Anthem audiovisual receiver ensured unparalleled sound quality. A Sony 4K laser projector, integrated into the coffered ceiling detail, delivered stunning visuals.

Control4 Integration: We seamlessly integrated lighting, heating, and audiovisual electronics through Control4, offering our client a single, intuitive control point for their entire entertainment space.

Climate Control: To guarantee comfort during extended viewing or gaming sessions, air conditioning was installed to maintain an ideal temperature.

Project Costs:

  • Audiovisual Equipment & Control4 System: £22,000
  • Fabric Panels, Lighting & Star Ceiling Installation: £10,750
  • Installation & Calibration: £11,940
  • Seating & Snooker Table: Client-supplied


This triple garage conversion project is a testament to our commitment to turning dreams into reality. We’ve transformed a simple garage into an entertainment oasis, combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design to create a space that our client can be proud of. It’s not just a cinema; it’s a cinematic experience, a games room, and a bar, all seamlessly integrated for endless entertainment possibilities.

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