Room Décor vs Audio Performance – Achieving the Balance.

Have you thought about the relationship between audio quality and the architectural interior of your room with your home cinema speakers? With world-class audio systems, it’s important to take a step back and consider the effects of the room with the soundwaves emitted to ensure the finest acoustic quality.


When investing in professionally developed technology, you need to think like a pro. Certifying nothing less than spine-tingling results, flipping your perspective and understanding how your space interacts with your audio system will enable you to achieve the very best results. Here at Zebra Home Cinema, we’ll work with your existing living space to bring the very best audio performance into your home, striking the balance between maintaining a homely interior environment that is suited to your sound system – without the unsightly form and fabrics of a sound lab or mixing studio.

With a dedication to design and installing outstanding music and home cinema systems, here at Zebra Home Cinema, we are expert audio consultants that will tackle and identify any interior issues. Effectively optimising your audio quality, we blend trusted technology with the décor of your room to create a synergy between the two to surpass expectations. With this in mind, various elements need to be taken into account to create a perfectly adapted room that will work in sync with your sound system.


When creating a room that compliments your sound system, it’s all about measurements. From measuring and reading the speakers along with detailing the interior measurements, we’ll distinguish the type of sound your audio system is emitting with ultimately how it reacts within the space. This enables us to understand how to clean any audio imperfections and offers an insight into the acoustic properties of your room to identify any errors.


With astute attention to detail, our luxury services go beyond and take into consideration the performance of each speaker and its unique association with its subwoofer. With a combined speaker and woofer measurement tactic, we fuse speakers and woofers to transform the quality of your bass. Finally, we’ll position your speakers in optimal positions around the room to establish a personalised layout that is not only tailored to your sound system, but that also fits in with your everyday style to ensure a premium living experience.


Designing and installing systems for the most discerning of customers, we pride ourselves on the details that go beyond. Having been lucky enough to work with some of the most respected experts within the industry, we’ll handpick and tailor our services to suit your personal needs and wants across the overall design and installation process. Additionally, this includes exclusive partnerships with some of the most talented interior stylists and architects who we work in close collaboration with to achieve world-class audio results, paired with the most beautiful interior designs.

Get in touch with us today and speak with us on how we can take your audio and design experience to the next level.

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