Room for error

Have you ever seen a performance and have not been able to shake it from your memory? Whether it was a childhood memory or an event last week, it stuck in your head because it was such a superb experience and it made you feel something great. It could have been a show at The Royal Albert Hall in London or Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. Or perhaps the exhilarating experience of dancing in the middle of a live concert at an annual festival, a musical on the West End or an intimate performance at a Jazz Club. You wish you could go back and relive that moment, but the next best thing is to recreate the same feelings and experience from your own home.


The biggest mistake anyone in this situation could make would be to dash to a local Hi-Fi showroom and grab the first surround sound system that you can find. They may sound great in the showroom, but as soon as they are set up in your home and you eagerly replay your cherished performance, you will be having second thoughts on whether the experience was actually as good as you originally remembered and dreamt about for so long.


An audio system might sound audibly satisfactory in a showroom, but when its hooked up at home it has muffled voices, not enough bass, or loud boomy vibrations. There is nothing wrong with the product that you have bought, in fact it may be highly advanced in terms of technology and specification however it does not suit your home as interior challenges haven’t been taken into account before purchasing.


As strange as it sounds, there are many obstacles that can affect a speaker’s soundwaves within your home. Reflections from walls, ceilings or hard floors, furniture and wall décor can all refract sound waves as well as being absorbed by soft furnishings and fabrics. Every one of these can affect the way that a soundwave reaches your ear.


For this reason, Digital Room Correction technology is now adopted as standard in audio electronics and by applying filters to problematic sound waves due to the room, the speakers will sound much better than they used to, and more fitting for their particular environment and position. Although every audio system must contain this technology, there are still different levels of quality of the sound that reaches you.


Here at Zebra Home Cinema, we deliver outstanding performance and value, offering hand crafted technology made by only the most skilled creators. Our most elite brand that we install is Steinway Lyngdorf, offering RoomPerfect™ technology – ingeniously developed by Peter Lyngforf. RoomPerfect™ technology measures your rooms dimensions and distributes the sound evenly as well as dodging any obstacles, meaning that everyone in the room receives the same experience without interruption. This advanced technology is built as standard within all Steinway Lyngforf processors and products.  If you would like to experience the most realistic sound quality on the planet then contact us today for more information or a demo.

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