Sound All Around

The world has progressed so much in term of technology, and this applies to audio technology too. Due to intensive research, the delivery of sound from an electronic device can be so much purer and uninterrupted than ever before. Audio entertainment has evolved into the realm of ‘immersive audio’ or ‘3d object-based sound.’ The idea is for you to get so into the music you feel like you are actually in the room with everything that you are hearing. Immersive audio is great as movie and music sound engineers are able to place sounds and effects around the room using multiple speakers separated to around and above the position that the listener is in.


An example of this advanced audio is if you imagine your eyes are closed, but you can hear a helicopter flying around you, then you hear it fly above and land in front of you. Or if you find yourself in a deep cavern, so dark that you cannot see a thing, and all you can hear is the direction of the echoes all around you. Maybe the atmosphere of a live concert with your favourite band or singer, and you are in the centre of the crowd dancing away, with shouts, music and lighters all around you. This is the beauty of correctly set-up surround sound audio, it makes you feel like you are actually there living the experience rather than watching from your own home.


Self-isolate in style without the fear of missing out as you can experience every outdoor experience from your new Zebra Home Cinema room! Whether you are watching a movie, a concert video or playing your favourite video game, we can enhance the experience and make you feel like you are really part of the game. We only work with and provide the highest quality prestigious technology providing you with the most realistic and cinematic experience.


We use “Dolby Atmos” and “DTS-X” technologies featuring immersive audio that release sound using certain electronics and speaker configurations to make the audio fill your room evenly and uninterrupted. At Zebra Home Cinema, our media room consists of thirteen channels of audio for a fully immersive experience, and we use a range of the highest quality brands to ensure we can suit your needs in terms of budget, lifestyle and aesthetic needs for yourself and your family.


Make your home the party hot spot for your whole friendship group and family. You can enjoy some quality time whilst indulging in your favourite shows and movies through your brand new luxury home entertainment centre. Please get in touch if you would like to know more information, start designing your perfect surround sound entertainment room, or to try one of our demos.


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